Bordeaux, France

The Challenge

Go further with Ariane !

Racing tracks

The races will take place on the UNESCO worldwide famous Bordeaux docks. Astonishing view on the main historical parts of this beautiful city. The best spot our team and Bordeaux city could offer you to run ! Maybe a bit of a strategy to distract our opponents and take the lead in the races 😉


8:30 : rendez-vous near to « La belle saison » where the departure of the 10km will take place (yellow star). The 10km goes from this point to the Chaban Delmas bridge, then left side of the Garonne river to the Pont de pierre. Then back to the begining of Chaban Delmas bridge and return to the departure/arrival line !

Early departure because the last runner will have to cross the bridge before 2 large boats arrives on Bordeaux docks in the morning. Or dive and swim…

This will be part of the show as well 🙂


10:00 : go for a loop on the right side of the Garonne between the 2 bridges. Pleasant run mostly under trees and with the magnificent view on the other side…


11:00 : for the less courageous or the fastest runners. Half the loop of the 5km (lots of scientists at ArianeGroup ;-))


11:30 : a 800m race for the youngest (up to 12). As a greetings to Bordeaux city we will invite a few children from social departments. Have fun !


12:00 : Fast loop of 4 x 1,6km on the left side of the Garonne river to end up the competition and see what team will win the trophy this year !